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AROGYA Our Health Matters

The journey of AROGYA was inspired by a profound realisation – the growing number of migrants in Dubbo, particularly older migrants without access to Medicare or comprehensive private health insurance. These remarkable individuals weren’t just transient backpackers; they were the backbone of young migrant families striving to build a better life in Australia. Their invaluable yet often overlooked contribution to our nation’s economic prosperity cannot be overstated.

Many of these unsung heroes faced barriers in accessing healthcare due to language barriers, financial concerns, and prioritising the wellbeing of their families over their own. After a lifelong journey of bringing up children, now they devote their lives to caring for grandchildren in a new country. This glaring gap in service provision sparked the inception of AROGYA.

Through our project, we believe in addressing these healthcare disparities through a culturally sensitive lens. Our mission is to raise awareness about the unique needs of Dubbo’s vibrant migrant community, and collaborate with purpose driven organisations to turn our vision into a sustained social commitment.

We try to deliver monthly with a focus area every month alongside free professional health checks. By providing targeted support and resources, we aim to empower individuals to take control of their health and well being.

Please look out for our next AROGYA session For details contact Gargi Ganguly on 0429771116 or email us.

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