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Importance of Collaborations and Partnerships

Collaboration and partnerships are paramount in achieving our organisational mission of delivering impactful cultural, social, recreational and educational support initiatives. ORISCON recognises that no single entity can address complex social challenges alone, and this places great importance on fostering relationships with government agencies, non government agencies, and local community groups. These collaborations enable ORISCON to leverage diverse resources, expertise, and networks to design and implement tailored programs that effectively address the specific needs of each community. By working in partnership with others, ORISCON maximises its reach and impact but also cultivates a culture of inclusivity, innovation, and collective ownership within the communities we serve. These collaborations are not just transactions; they are built on trust, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to driving positive change. Ultimately, it is through these collaborative efforts that ORISCON is able to create sustainable, long lasting benefits to the individuals and communities it supports.

ORISCON is an umbrella organisation – some may see its function almost as a peak body – for the Indian sub continental nation groups. ORISCON strives to support, advocate, partner, and work in partnership with the discrete cultural, linguistic and ethnic groups – and to come together with them all to become one community of ORISCON.

Please discover all the other cultural and linguistic groups we continue to work with.

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