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Speechcraft Masterclass

Speaking English is crucial for migrants who come to Australia for several reasons. As the primary language spoken in the country, proficiency is essential. This includes not only for day to day interaction, but also in order to participate fully in all aspects of life including work, education, healthcare and social activities.

Many job opportunities in Australia require proficiency in English. Therefore being able to communicate effectively in English increases a migrant’s chance of finding employment or advancing in their careers. Employers often prioritize candidates who can communicate well in English as it enhances aspects of the work life such as teamwork, customer service, and productivity.

English is the language used in government services in Australia. So institutions such as healthcare facilities, legal proceedings, and educational institutions. Migrants who can speak English can access services more easily, understand important information, communicate their needs, and navigate bureaucratic or corporate processes. English proficiency is essential for migrants who wish to pursue further education or training in Australia. Whether enrolling ins schools, vocational courses, or universities, having a good command of English is necessary for understanding lectures, participating in discussions, completing assignments, and achieving academic success. Speaking English facilitates social interaction and fosters connections with both Australian and other migrants. It enables migrants to build relationships, make friends, and engage in community activiies, which are vital for their well being and sense of belonging in their new country.

Proficiency in Englsih empowers migrants to advocate for themselves, express their opinions, and actively participate ins society. It enables them to assert their rights, access information, and engage in civic activities such as voting and community activism.

Overall, speaking English is not only important for practical reasons but also for enabling migrants to fully participate in and contribute to Austrlian society, fostering their integration and success in their new home. With this in mind, ORISCON is running a weekly conversational English Class for beginners.

We are looking at a specific conversational classes for those who read and write well but find it hard to communicate effectively in English in a workplace. So keep an eye out for an announcement.

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