Harshit Amin

Originating from India and having chosen Dubbo as my home since 2004, I have been an integral part of ORISCON since 2004, our esteemed community organisation, also an IT professional. With a background steeped in multiculturalism and a wealth of experience in IT, significant contributions have been made to various aspects of ORISCON's growth and community engagement.

Multicultural events and annual gatherings have been organised and participated in, ensuring celebrations of diversity, promotion of cross-cultural understanding, and strengthening of community bonds. Furthermore, a pivotal role has been played in the construction of our organisation's constitution, upholding transparency, accountability, and our shared values.

Through proactive community networking efforts, meaningful partnerships with local businesses have been forged, and collaboration with other community organisations has been established to amplify impact and advance collective goals. I have also dedicated numerous hours as a volunteer in other organisations such as SES and OGS, furthering my commitment to community service and fostering connections across various sectors.

In navigating the dynamic landscape of our community, unwavering dedication, passion, and a steadfast belief in the power of unity and collaboration remain central to the commitment to serve ORISCON and our diverse community.