The "Orana Residents of Indian Sub-Continental Heritage"-ORISCON is a nexus of various cultures, vividly portraying the spirit of multi-culturalism.

We come from lands across the Indian Sub-Continent – Bangladesh, Burma, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tibet and the wider diaspora including Fiji, South Africa and the United Kingdom.
Our founding families dreamed of creating cultural and sharing spaces. We implement a range of social, cultural, educational programs and initiatives to share with fellow Australians the richness of our culture.

Overview of the Organisation

All our contributions are authentic, informative and focused on building strengths.

This organisation was created around 2001, a small group of migrant families wanting to educate the younger generations through dance, song, story telling and theatre.

The organisation was registered in 2016, and the Constitution was endorsed through community consultation.  The governance groups were bedded down, and the organization created ways of connecting with the broader migrant and mainstream Australian communities. 

We are a not-for-profit volunteer-based organisation, and we encourage individuals and multicultural communities from across the Indian sub-continent, and the wider diaspora, to identify and address their own issues. We work in collaborative partnerships with a number of discrete cultural and linguistic groups, NSW government agencies, the Australian Government, Local Government, not-for-profit and philanthropic organizations to provide cultural, social, and educational, programs and services that have both immediate and long-term benefit for the regional community.

We do not have any paid staff.

Our Constitution

Vision Mission and Values

  • Vision: To create an inclusive society where individuals are valued, respected, and supported to contribute and realise their aspirations.   
  • Mission: To implement a range of cultural, social, recreational, and educational programs and initiatives to advocate and support the less vulnerable within the migrant community to facilitate successful integration into the wider community.

Core Values

Respect & Integrity

We respect all religions but we are not a faith-based organisation.

We respect diversity of opinions and work within a framework of inclusion, trust, and team work.


We hold ourselves accountable and responsible for all our dealings with the community and organisations that we work with.

We work always to create a reputation of trust and to maintain our reputation within the community.

We provide programs and services in line with our organisational goals and values.


We believe in openness and honesty, ensuring transparency in all our endeavours


At every level, we prioritise inclusiveness, striving to create an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered.


Leadership is women into the fabric of our organisation, shaping our values, driving our strategies, and inspiring our collective efforts towards a shared vision.

Cultural Hub

ORISCON is a vibrant cultural hub uniting diverse Indian Sub-Continental backgrounds in Dubbo, fostering belonging and celebration.

Collaborative Spirit

ORISCON operates on a volunteer basis, fostering a collaborative environment where every member contributes to the community's success.

Inclusive Membership

ORISCON offers membership to all Orana Residents of Indian SubContinental Heritage, promoting accessibility to cultural experiences.

Multicultural Advocacy

ORISCON actively promotes multiculturalism and cultural heritage, enriching Dubbo's social fabric and beyond.

Heritage Preservation

ORISCON preserves and passes down rich cultural traditions, ensuring their vitality for future generations amidst societal changes.

Cultural Exchange

Providing a dynamic platform for cultural exchange, for members to share their values and experiences, fostering mutual appreciation within the community.

Our Logo

The ORISCON (Orana Rresidents of Indian Sub-continental Heritage) logo embodies a cultural nexus, acting as a hub for cultural exchange, interaction, and infuence.

It symbolises a dynamic environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds engage, share ideas, practices, and experiences, fostering inclusivity.

The logo icon also symbolises balance and harmony in aspects of the past, present, and future, withthree icons representing each. This reects ORISCON’s core goals of preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of the Indian Subcontinent. By honoring the past, fostering a vibrant cultural community in the present, and ensuring the traditions are passed down to future generations, ORISCON aims to celebrate and unite residents of Indian Sub-Continental heritage in the Orana Region.

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