Raj Kharel

I am Raj Kharel, a committee member of Oriscon. Originally from Delhi, India, and of Nepali descent, I consider myself fortunate to embrace two distinct cultures and heritages, taking pride in both.

Residing in Australia since 2007 and in Dubbo since 2014, I have been an avid participant in Oriscon events since 2015. Whether it's the carnival, Holi celebration, gala night, or sports activities, each event has been a source of enjoyment, offering a comforting connection to my roots.

Having joined the Oriscon committee last year, my aim is to contribute to the community, providing a sense of home for others and aiding newcomers in settling into Dubbo. Many of us, myself included, have come to consider this place as our home. It is my desire to ensure that individuals, especially children, can relish the richness of our culture, immersing themselves in like-minded communities and the influence of festivals, cultural events, dance, food, and all aspects worth preserving for the next generation.

I invite you to join us in this noble cause, fostering love and the preservation of our rich cultural heritage and a small slice of home away from home. Thank you.