Shyamala Manorathan

Shyamala Manorathan has been an active volunteer, community leader and ORISCON Cultural Program Co-ordinator from 2006 to 2022. When ORISCON was incorporated in 2015, she formally became a Management Committee member and continuing to date, which includes as Deputy Chairperson in 2018/19, overseeing strategic planning and organizational development initiatives. In addition, Shyamala has been actively spearheaded numerous volunteer initiatives, including disaster relief efforts and cultural enrichment programs with other migrant communities by being part of the Dubbo Multicultural Committee from 2013 to 2022 resulting in tangible benefits for local communities.

Professionally Shyamala has been providing her engineering expertise in water industry as a Senior Regional Engineer, representing NSW Government and ensuring potable water security to several reginal and remote communities through Local Councils. Living in Dubbo over two decades, she has delt with several droughts, floods, and its impacts on reginal communities, not to mention the preparedness to deal with climate change.

Shyamala's passion for cultural preservation and artistic expression shines through in her endeavours. With a background in classical dance (Bharathanatyam) and music (Carnatic), she has mentored countless children, nurtured their talents and facilitated their performances on various stages. In addition, she has introduced several professionals in staging classical events in Dubbo. Moreover, she actively participated and led various ORISCON’s volunteer initiatives such as Chennai Flood, Parkrun, Blood Donations, Mud Run, Covid Support, Refugee Support etc. She also has been instrumental in active participation of several migrant women in Badminton and Netball since 2006.

Originally from Sri Lanka, she continues to support her roots by teaching mathematics as a volunteer teacher online to young girls, living in a home (Thilakavathiyar Mahalir Illam) for disadvantaged children in war torn part of Sri Lanka. She is fluent in English, Tamil and Sinhala.

Moving forward, Shyamala is dedicated to continuing her journey of community service and women enrichment by leveraging her skills and experiences to address emerging challenges and contribute to the betterment of society. She seeks opportunities to collaborate with like- minded individuals and organizations committed to making a meaningful difference in the world.