Syed Hassan

Syed A Hasan has been brought up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He came to Australia in 2005 for his Masters degree. Syed plays an important role in the IT professional role for the Distance Education, in Department of Education.

Syed is known for helping around in local communities, and was a member of the Narromine Rotary Club for eight years. He always does his tasks effortlessly with a positive attitude. In the Dubbo Bangladeshi Community Syed takes on a huge role with organising the community events. He also helps new Bangladeshi residents in Dubbo, with finding accommodation and jobs and making them feel at home.

Syed has been a part of the ORISCON management community since 2022, he always cohesively manages the teams, jobs and makes sure everyone feels included. He also manages to show off his and others cultures with dignity.